Our Philosophy

We believe that for our business to be successful we must have successful clients. Therefore, our focus is making sure we do all we can to help you succeed hence our slogan, Your Pathway to Business Success.

We constantly ask ourselves what would we want and expect from a business mentor and tax advisor. We treat your business as our own and always attempt to communicate in a meaningful and practical way. We listen to your questions and don’t charge for telephone calls because we know that when you have pressing problems you need immediate answers. Service is a priority here at Simon Jones & Co.

We aim to provide pro-active, quality advice at an affordable price. Our core values include expertise, confidentiality, teamwork and commitment while our philosophy includes:

  • To be a pro-active and innovative accounting and advisory firm focused on creating long lasting relationships with our clients.

  • Rather than just have an accountant, our business clients should enjoy a ‘business coach’ relationship.

  • From compliance to consulting we have a commitment to excellence.

  • To be active in understanding our clients’ individual needs and provide advice that is both technically sound and success driven.

  • Guarantee clients the highest level of confidentiality and integrity in relation to their financial affairs.

  • Our clients are never too small or insignificant and no job is too hard or too small.

  • With the tax laws constantly changing our team members agree to undertake extensive professional development to keep their skills at the forefront of current standards and practices.

  • At all times provide friendly, courteous and personal service from an enthusiastic team who endeavour to deliver quick turnaround of compliance work.

  • To be accessible which includes responding promptly to client phone calls and emails and recognising the fact that clients’ needs often extend beyond regular business hours.

  • We believe business owners want a lot more than just basic accounting and tax compliance services from their accountant. Here at Simon Jones & Co. our client brief includes helping you grow your business, your revenue and your profits. We also want to help our clients secure their financial futures which includes wealth creation and asset protection strategies.

  Simon Jones & Co - Your Pathway to Business Success