Welcome Back for your 2023 Tax Returns

What Do I Need to Know?

All appointments  continue to be via phone unless alternative arrangements are made. In addition to the phone, we can offer meetings via “teams” for the “face to “face” experience as well.

Bookings will be taken from first week of July when your Accountants diaries will be updated with their individual availability. However, most appointments cannot be scheduled prior to 15th July to allow for Employers to report income figures. Please note we have already been overwhelmed with requests for July appointments.

Our normal operating times for the Tax Season between July & September are unchanged with the exception that all appointments will be via phone.

After hours appointments are available Monday – Thursday plus Saturday appointments between 9.00am – 4.00pm. NB: Some Accountants may work nights beyond this timeframe.

Face to face appointments will not be available, however, this can be discussed further at the time of your booking and must be agreed to by your Accountant.

What Do I Need To Do?

Call the office commencing 10th July 2023 to arrange your appointment.

When determining your preferred date & time please be aware that most information will NOT be available on the ATO portal until after 30th July, therefore unless you can provide all the information listed it is recommended that you wait until you check your myGov account to ensure the information is available & marked “Tax Ready”.

Prepare for your appointment by gathering and summarising the information required.

Please note: we do not require individual receipts which you must retain and produce should the information be requested by the ATO.

Send it to us  72 hours before your appointment using the following methods:-

  1. Please use our client portal where you can digitally sign or upload documents. Please note due to size limitations you should summarise your documents before uploading.
  2. Request a personalised Dropbox link where you place large documents/spreadsheets and documents, or
  3. We discourage the use of emails to provide personal information, however, if this is your preferred method you should create a NEW email and send to accountant@sjc.com.au. Do not reply to any previous emails. To avoid multiple emails due to size limitations of attachments we encourage you to consider our first 2 options ensure that you have summarised the documents.

Where you wish to take advantage of option 2 please send your request via accountant@sjc.com.au immediately to allow for setup. You will be contacted if we require further information.

The minimum information that you will need to provide for your appointment is:

  • PAYG Summary – Only if not available via your myGov account marked “Tax Ready” at time of booking appointment. Lodging a return without your myGov being ready will delay your return and may incur an additional fee for processing.
  • Bank Account details, BSB & Account No.- required every year to avoid errors.
  • Current Address & Telephone Contact
  • Private Health Insurance Statement (If you have private health insurance). Funds are no longer required to provide this directly to you so you must request an appointment after 16th July for the information to be with the ATO.

If you have other income from sources such as ABN, Rental Properties & Shares you will need to also send / upload in additional information. 

  • Statement of all income & expenses for the Rental property, see more -   Rental Property Schedule
  • Dividend statements,
  • Summarised Income & Expenses relating to the ABN.
  • Motor Vehicles Expenses, see more  -  Motor Vehicle Schedule

 We have more information available on our website here at SJC or you can go straight to Checklists and more.

What’s Next?

Once you have made your booking, requested a portal or Dropbox folder or emailed in your documents to accountant@sjc.com.au your Accountant will contact you at the time of your appointment and conduct your normal interview and complete your tax return.

For most of our clients upon completion of your appointment it will be published to your client Portal where you can review & digitally sign the documents and then automatically lodged, and no further action is required. However, if you prefer email, it will be sent to you for review, signing and returning to our office. Upon return, it will be lodged, and you have successfully completed your tax return for 2023.

We look forward to welcoming you for your 2023 Returns.

Should you have queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our administration team at Simon Jones & Co on 03 9742 3844 or via accountant@sjc.com.au